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Luxury European Vehicle Repair in Baldwin Park, San Gabriel Valley & Los Angeles County

Your European luxury vehicle is a cherished possession, and a significant investment.  At Prestige, we will provide you with the luxury treatment and service that you deserve, at prices much lower than the local dealerships.   Call us today at (626) 699-1717 with any questions or to schedule your appointment.


If your Check Engine light has come on, or something else is wrong with your vehicle and you’re not sure what it is, we will provide a quick and accurate diagnostic to determine the issue, and the most efficient solution.



Keeping your luxury vehicle maintained and serviced at consistent intervals, as according to the manufacturers specifications, is a very important part of keeping your vehicle in optimal condition for the long run.



When your vehicle needs mechanical or electrical repair, or a replacement of parts, we’ll take care of it- everything from your engine, powertrain, transmission, suspension, brakes, A/C, fluid leaks, exhaust and more.



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We’re Thankful for Our Happy Clients – Here is What They Say About Us


A month ago, I was hopeless and don’t know what to do about my 06 BMW 3 series because my car’s check engine light went ON, engine was smoking and it even fired up by the time I brought my car to this shop. I seriously recommend this place for any European vehicles especially BMWs and MBs. Now I found a place that I can rely on just in case my BMW go crazy again. They checked every single details on my car and what my car needs before giving it back to me. Gabriel and Eric are the best guys that you can trust. I seriously thank them for fixing my car and now my car runs amazing!! Thumbs up fellas!!
Christopher P, via Yelp
Mickey A. – Baldwin Park CA
I found this shop five or six years ago and occasionally made use of them to service my car at the time–a mid-80s European-market 500SL. Once I graduated, I needed a car again. So, being a fanatic of slightly-dated Mercedes-Benzes, SLs in general, and the supposedly bullet-proof M119 engine, I solicited their help in finding a pre-1998 SL500.  I must’ve brought no less than 20 cars for Alberto and Gabriel to assess and they spent countless hours going over each and every one of them with a fine-toothed comb just to find me the perfect car.  In the end I settled on a 1998 SL500 with a single documented owner, 33,000 miles, and a fairly comprehensive three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. It was, for all intents and purposes, a new car–an incredibly rare thing. Unfortunately, it met with an untimely fate at the hands of Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance (read my review on Penske Mercedes for that ordeal) and an incompetently done jumpstart.  But you know what? Alberto and Gabriel were up to the task of finding me a comparable replacement. Since the last of the body style and engine type combination I was looking for was by that time beyond the age limit for extended warranties, I decided that my replacement would be bought cheaply and I’d have these two overhaul the beast, bow-to-stern.  Sure, I ended up with a slightly older, higher-mileage car. But mechanically and cosmetically, it’s actually better than the first one.  So give Alberto and Gabriel a try. Don’t be put off by the old-school Mayberry-Gomer Pyle feel of the shop. You’re not going to get your plasma TVs or free-from-a-mix cappuccino like at Penske, but your car will get fixed. And fixed right.
Christopher P, via Yelp
Mark M. – West Covina CA